The problems related to privacy and security are still challenging, especially in mobile distributed systems. The system end-users now use mobile devices and services for applications under the data-intensive paradigm, such as Skyline queries, streaming information relays, and crowd-sourced disaster management. However, the above paradigm shift has opened newer research directions in security, data interoperability, sustainable software development and many other areas.

This workshop primarily encompasses practical approaches that advance research in handling large amounts of data securely in the cloud, mobile nodes and cloud-connected Edge clusters such as in MANETs and Wireless Sensor Networks. Successful contributions may range from advanced technologies, applications and innovative solutions for secure clouds to the development of methods conceptual and theoretical models related to secure management, monitoring, scheduling and resource allocation.

Recommended topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile systems for security-aware data gathering and assimilation
  • Mobile edge and fog secure models and infrastructures
  • Mobile secure multi-agent systems
  • Machine learning–based models and simulators of mobile clouds
  • Advanced security and privacy mechanisms in smartphones and tablets
  • Scalable identity and authentication protocols in mobile systems
  • Security-aware resource allocation and scheduling in mobile networks
  • Secure communication in Smart Grid installations using Mobile Ad Hoc Network protocols
  • Wireless Sensor Node applications for Smart Grid
  • Secure 5G applications for Smart Grid
  • Economical models in secure mobile networks
  • Secure mobile network applications
  • Security testing of mobile and embedded devices

Workshop Organizers

Joanna Kołodziej, NASK, Warsaw, Poland

Martin G. Jaatun, SINTEF Digital, Norway

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